My name is White

From my early childhood, I was amazed by my name meaning. My father refered my named to great mountain system separated India from China and restricted Genghis Khan from obtaining control over that territory. From here, I should like to identify myself as a greatest person alive. I had a dream to do extraordinary effort towards my country. I gonna be a savior, a hero, an inventor or another distinguished person. Likes as Alexander the Great, Muhammad, or even Napoleon Bonaparte. And so, I tend to became a dreamy, because I had a lot of greatest thing to dream of. From there, I used to be alone, I had my own world differed from others and constructed various theory to explain anything. Thus affected my behaviour, as my body rouse bigger than average, I became slower and my mind absorbed more. That’s why my neighborhood called me cloud, shortage of my official name. As you know, cloud are lying there above us about 42,500 to 16,500 feet, and had massively gigantic build. Nothing signify myself other than that.

As I grew up, there were less room to stay for clouds, It has to shared his place to other. From magnanimity, I learn much about limitness and lackness. Even I mellow in confines, still I had richness of amusement and interest. My credit now became my debt. Like clouds, I had no major capability the only dignity I had was my generality. As you know, in our age of specialty, to have no major interest means to have nothing. I realized, every hero has its own special ability, Superman synonimous to superiority, Batman to bat enigma, and Spider-Man to spider web, so what is my own? I had much interest but nothing to approved, for my attention changing continously and shifting along my mind. I thought, am I great enough to be a man? Am I dazzled by my given supremacy name? Or, what is a name? Nothing, it’s nothing, but for me it’s identity, my distinctiveness.

I felt fragile. My heart trembled for fracture, my episteme start to wreck. So I initated to learn about the name. I began to divided into its roots. What known to me was its suffix, for I implied as person or a man. Hence, what was prefix means? I went to my childhood belief, Himalaya. In Wikipaedia, Himalaya, stand for two words: Hima and Alayaa. Hima was snow and Alayaa means home. Thus, Himalaya was home of snow. Therefore I translate my name as a snowman, a snow person. The problem was I lived at tropical sphere, I didn’t familiar enough to snow, so I open Mirriam Webster’s dictionary for looking term closed to snow. As noun, there was nothing special in snow, its only indication of freezing water vaporized at temperature below 0 celcius degree. In slang term it denotes to heroine and cocaine - it was’nt me at all. Then, I stared at its verbal meaning. To snow was a sign of cover and imprison. In physcological terms it was to deceived or to charmed. Sentence “I snow you” mean I was deceived you, or chamed you. I satisfied. But wait, there was still a possibility, i.e. to whiten like snow. If we applied on the sentence, it means I whitened you like a snow. Then snow is similar to white. Certainly the color of snow was white, and I guessed it’s reasonable to change snow to white because of my society more familiar to white color than to snow. From now I call my name as white. I am white.

Post script :

  • White was purity, clarity, cleanliness, and hygene. Consider a white board, white paper, as a place to draw and write. In negative manner, it was pale and conservative. But also honesty. And white knight nothing but one that came to rescued another. My name is white.

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