These how our first met at library, amid Searle and The black Swan. There I told her about the Linux and its mints flavor, seducing  democracy, and all of its mediocrities. "Freedom in Windows? Gosh, it's not freedom at all, if you refer to FOSS term."

"So what if they use Windows? And, why do you so cynical?"

"Am I?" :)

First met, and it all about the conceptual realm, flying above our wanderer mind. What an interesting time, "like to make others walk away from our table".

"No fancy."

Either, but we're talking aloud in among this peacefully bookshelves. Just like no distance, after clicking and clicking in not so real world.

"So, what's a matter?"

"Nothing. At least I know you're real, existent, beautiful, than the equivalent of bits on my blinked screen".

Then, she went away, leaving a gorgeous smile on her face.

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