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I like Google very much, although I don't really know exactly its birthday (boy, you can googling it right now). Yeah, I mean you're not to push to remember everything by its presents on your PC. Just write the web address on your browser and click "enter" (today you even no need to write Google) it just brings what you wants or what's spark in your mind, and voila! In short, Google has succeed to simplifies our world.

One feature I like so much in Google is doodle, an aimless drawing. The word itself sound funny and childish, and indeed the function of doodles in Google's interface are to makes our surfing experiences more enjoyable and fun. doodles always come with unexpected surprise by its fresh colourful theme to commemorate certain events or birthdays of inventor, scientist, famous peoples, and any related subject that shape our modern cultures. Take for example, today's Doodle, in remembrance of 76th birthday of Roger Hargreaves, a novelist and illustrator of children books, which consists of several different illustrative themes:

Frankly speaking, I don't know who Mr. Hargreaves was, nor have reading one of his books, but with doodles dedicated by Google, I just begin to aware on the existence of that person. Sure, Google's doodles are more than a sole doodle. Its has a fresh effect that makes us smile, besides of its shallowness and chit-chat structures that brings us a remembrance of today's event.

Hereby some doodles I really like, due to its versatility, simplicity, and the wow effects:
How about you, do you like Google's doodles? If you do, perhaps you can visit this link and choose which doodles that you really like, or perhaps you can submit your own version of doodles to uncle Google. :p

Still don't have any idea, what Mr. Hargreaves' work is? Maybe this picture will help satisfies yours curiosity. Guess what, he was the author of this famous Mr. Men and Little Miss book. Pity me, it wasn't my i(l)literate books when I was boy. :)
 The Marvelous Mr. Men (Mr. Men and Little Miss)

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