The Genesis

in the beginning there was command line
a long string of one and zero
yes or no,
then it becomes everything.

Man created machine in three days
first he creates a concept
From it comes, the physical.
The engines.

But, still it not sufficed enough.
When the bubble died, there will be urges
to made something incredible.
The gigantic and fastest.

So, in day fourth, he turn to silicon.
and thereafter born digital unto earth
swallowing anything, by multiplication
and miniaturized the thought.

By that way, the OSes was born.
giving proprietary a champion, but
it left viruses, bugs, and Trojan
which come to existence in day five.

those giving totality to ends,
and made man to rest in day six.
In this short time, Tux went out.
It give the man a smile.

1 komentar:

  1. a long string of one and zero, yes or no..

    Mirip dengan perunutan konsep dasar husuli. Semua hal harus diawali dan kembali pada prinsip dasar badahah, ya atau tidak. Ya tidak mungkin tidak, tidak tidak mungkin ya. Jika Ya adalah tidak dan tidak adalah ya maka ya dan tidak tiada beda karenanya tiada yang dapat dikembangkan darinya..

    Tux.. tux.. tux... Bersyukurlah pada Torvalds dan Stallman..