Who knows the story of heart. Even for those who think that they can read your mind”

No mind. It just talk, or chat. Whether you use your tongue, or put fingers on tuts to type. And it shows there, on the screen, and through the space that begin to disappear in remote place. A place you never come to. Somewhere in other direction of sun, certain coordinates of global positioning system. Other, you never meet. Just typing, and responses.”

How do you do?”
Nice to talk with you”

Its likely of our conversation yesterday. Stuck in speech that give you crazy iconic emoticon.”
So, tell me the wizard of this technology.”

On messenger, I pronounce it like the messenger of God. Or if you mind, the messenger of your heart”
No sound to speak. No gesture to watch. No face to see the smile that embedded on your texts.”
It just data”

Ouch, then I must be fall in love with this crazy words. Only words!”

Still, there are sentences that represent ideas”

what's that?”

Hmm... no idea”


lucky to you.”

Feeling sleepy”

yes I do”

Good night”

Gutten nacht”

sweet dream”

you too”


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