An Untold Story

Tetralogy in beginning
like sculptures on wall
deepened harshly, polished firmly
and it flows underneaths mind like codes

Just like every plot
the four has a start
from the coolest insight onto
the heat of passion rejuvenates

And in beginning there always heart
trembling whispering but annoying
like skin in changeable movement
to let or not let be

Like my heart before you

The second should be sparkling
dry as bone
lone likes grave

seems I've go so far away
in the middle of desert
waiting for illusion
of your present

on this desk
where an old beggar
fled away to his fantasy
like Alice in wonderland

since you've been there
when I saw you at the time
when we met

And the rule of attraction
dancing on the sky
sang the melody of love
but they're nothing

only little dots
in my eyes
and reluctant to be seen
shy and gone

So I guess this was fata morgana


Tetralogy on last chapters
was a synthesis
blends, amalgams and fuses
likes boiled crab ala carte

there always coincidence
amidst of chatterer
like bla bla bla
and you

likes you
all at once
when you cited from the tongue
of my dearest friends

that once upon time
a misery
overwhelming your state of

let my image
laid in hole of your heart
and face haunted
like little sweet dreams

Maybe it was untold story
of yours
but they never knew the untold story
of mine

and you too...

was there a physical presence of love?
like a feeling sublimated and transformed
into wax statue of Madame Tussand
FYI, I'll make it for you

Finally, there was no
an untold story about us
it only a late story to be told
or a never late story never told

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