What is Your Personality Type?

I has been trying to evaluated and observed myself and arrived at conclusion that I was an INFJ personality type, based on Jungian typological personality. Maybe, my belief at that end only 40% to 65%, but still it can directed me much to broaden my mind. So, what is an INFJ? If you're interesting, you can click on this link to get know.



Yes, it was not everything after all (looks like an evil decision to put yourself at one box with whom you really don't know, or point a kind of career path more suitable for you than other, but also more satisfying than to trust a folly horoscope and other astrological criteria – even if those typology were not scientific at all), and more than nothing if you don't know what a kind of person you are. So, what is your personality type?

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  1. Jung? freudian or post-freud

    psikologi klinis emang lumayan ampuh. tp freud.. mmm...

  2. Carl Gustav Jung (26 Juli 1875 - 6 Juni 1961), perintis psikologi klinis. Bersahabat dengan Freud. anak seorang filologis dan pastor. apakah ia Freudian ataukah post-Freudian? saya kurang mengerti. Yang pasti, dia itu juga Leo sama seperti kamu. So konsultasi saja sama mbah Jung. Hee..