My First Digicam

Finally I had digital camera, a dark bulky with sophisticated function for raising my curiosity on photography, Canon S5 IS. Yes, this was my first digital camera. Still, it wasn't a SLR type, but the features were far than simple. Actually, I was beginner in this field, for I didn't know everything related to shoot or snap object or even making a good artwork. But really, I still had a good sense of art to offer, like appraising a good picture or painting, and everything that giving me a watching position and audience. Because I only need little effort and I didn't involved much in technical details. So why did I bought this camera? Sometimes, to stop yourself at that passive position and make yourself as information deposit, were so boring. You need to express your mind and took a role as an active one.

My first experience were roads. Maybe you had nothing to expected by it, fortunately, roads were always available, since its place as neuro system of our civilization. Such as life itself, roads were flow and we're like a blood vessels on it.




I thought, the art of digital photography was always commemoration of humankind and their legacies.

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